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Monday, 13 May 2013

Advance Decisions: Documenting End-of-Life Wishes - the Legal and Ethical Framework.

Cardiff University are currently hosting the 'Before I Die Festival', a whole series of events about dying, for the living. Events range from music, art, poetry, theatre and film to expert panels and public debate.  On Monday 20th May, from 6-8pm, there is a seminar on advance decisions and documenting end of life wishes.  Talks include:
  • Professor Luke Clements, Law School, Cardiff University on The Mental Capacity Act and Advance Decisions
  • Philip Satherley from the charity Compassion in Dying about the template forms and information line they offer
  • Professor Sue Wilkinson, Social Sciences Dept, Loughborough University on what people say about why they want to write Advance Decisions 
  • Professors Jenny Kitzinger and Celia Kitzinger, Directors of the Cardiff-York Chronic Disorders of Consciousness Research Groups about how people who have family members in comas, vegetative states and minimally conscious states write ADs. 
  • Dr Anne-Marie Slowther , Chair of the UK Clinical Ethics Network and Associate Professor of Clinical Ethics at Warwick Medical School on "What if I change my mind?" 
  • Professor Penney Lewis, Law School, Kings College London on ADs and the Courts (including XB [2012] EWHC 1390 and D [2012] EWHC 885)
  • Nancy Berlinger, The Hastings Institute, on the experience of advance directives and other advance planning arrangements in the USA 
This particular seminar is part of an ESRC funded series of seminars on the topic.  The last one I went to was brilliant - really interesting and informative, with a range of views and perspectives.  The flyer is here:

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  1. Did you go to this? I went and found it incredibly informative and enlightening.